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A place of well-being

Here she discovered the mysterious land where her mother had grown up. The Andaman Islands, a group of islands in the Indian Ocean, a jungle, a paradise. Here she found inspiration in Dickens for historical essays. To this day, "The Christmas Carol" was her favourite story at Christmas time.

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Sex and Fibromyalgia

It's best not to start talking about getting intimate again when you are in bed. Doing this can put a lot of pressure on the conversation. Do it on one of those better days, when you haven't had any doctor's appointments or difficult situations to manage and have less pain. Of course, it is difficult to plan when that will come together. It can be liberating for both concerned to talk about their fears, their frustration, their emotions. You might find that once you have found the courage to raise the subject, your partner doesn't want to talk about it. Just starting the conversation with your partner by saying that the symptoms of fibromyalgia make it difficult and you would like their help in finding a way to become intimate that is doable for both, could be an example for a door opener.

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Our laughter did not sound like it does today from the beginning, it has developed gradually. It is possible that the specific human sound was created when our early ancestors split off from the primates, i.e. between 4.6 and 6.2 million years ago.

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Move it

The body needs exercise to stay healthy. It is not only about keeping muscles and bones fit, but much more. Our mental and cognitive functions depend on movement. In other words:

Sitting kills, movement heals.

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We are allowed to watch a film on the couch, too. Sometimes you want to see something that has nothing to do with illness. Escape to another world. But it can also do you good if a film succeeds in showing a story that portrays the way chronic diseases are dealt with.

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