About me

Hello! My name is Dawn.

Girl behind a birch - timidity, a new beginning and hope, Girl behind a birch - hesitation, a new beginning and hope

Fibromyalgia, we're in this together, and I would be happy to keep you company

We haven't met. You have fibromyalgia, you know someone with fibromyalgia, or you're thinking, fibromyalgia, what the hell is that?" So you´ve landed here. I´m glad. You've probably already been on many other fibromyalgia sites and looked for specific information through your browser. So why have I created yet another such blog?  I think fibromyalgia, but basically, every disease is experienced and lived individually. Everyone draws different conclusions from their experiences. This applies to those who write blogs as well as to those who read blogs. I am not reinventing this disease. But I hope that you will find some new suggestions, ideas, and inspirations here. And that you'll find it was worth your while being here.

My background

I have had the disease fibromyalgia for many years. This led me to start a support group and lead it for 4 years. I am a member of the German Fibromyalgia Association e.V. and the Fibromyalgia Association Bavaria e.V. I attend advanced training courses and I do a lot of research about fibromyalgia. My mother tongue is English. I worked for a large car company for several years. I completed a distance learning course on various writing styles and I have to say I took a while doing it. Side effects of being chronically ill. Currently, I am learning a lot about nutrition. The world of blogging is a new one for me. So I am on a learning curve and this is work in progress. The journey begins here with you.

How I see things

The main topic here is not me, but the disease fibromyalgia and everything around it. And yet you will find quite a few stories about my life. This is not because I am narcissistic or take pleasure in revealing things, some people would never talk about. It´s because it is easier to relate to a real story than to dry facts, but you will encounter those, too. Most of my stories can be found under the category "Do we know each other?" The stories come with information. If you read them all you will probably think I am inconsistent, and you would be right.  Although I have gained some insights on my journey with the disease that make it easier for me to deal with it, my days, and my experiences and thoughts are not always linear. Living with an illness creates contradictory feelings. But hey, the ability to see and accept your own contradictions is part of being human. It is important to me to contribute to making the disease fibromyalgia better known so that those affected are no longer humiliated and hurt so, and life with the disease becomes easier. It is not so important to me that everyone around me understands the disease fully. That is not possible. I have learned that.

By the way

The information that I pass on in my posts is in no way a substitute for professional advice or treatment by trained and certified doctors or other medical professionals. Please do not use the knowledge gained here to independently make diagnoses or start treatments.

I hope you feel comfortable here and come back soon. Feel free to leave a comment.

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